Samaritans Early Childhood Team


Samaritans Early Childhood Team is a team of Specialist Educators who work flexibly across Samaritans programs with the aim of becoming a resource hub to guide best practice in Early Childhood Education and Care for the services, families and children we support.

Our projects are:

Cluster Management Trial

This project supports preschools with cluster management in the Newcastle metropolitan area. Specialist educators are working with ten preschools to improve their governance, service delivery and the professional development of volunteer managed preschools.The aim of Samaritans Cluster Management trial is to reduce the pressure on volunteer managed preschools by improving their governance, service delivery and support professional development.

Early Childhood Early Intervention Mid North Coast

This project coordinates support for children with disability aged 0-8 in the Mid North Coast region. Specialist Educators work in partnership with families, to provide short term support through home visiting, advocacy, accessing community services, school visits, breaking down inclusion barriers and day to day management.The team is made up of experienced and qualified Early Childhood Teachers with backgrounds in disability and social science.

Professional Support Program

This program offers targeted consultancy in Early Childhood environments that will enable high quality Education & Care. It offers preschools and early learning centres a tailored program to support individual needs across the Central Coast, Hunter & Mid North Coast. The program will enable high quality Education & Care through inclusive practice and support Early Childhood Education & Care through the assessment and rating process.

Children as Effective Communicators

This project was developed, using a capacity building approach, to develop the skills and confidence of educators to better support the speech and language development of children. The project involves Speech Pathologists and Educators working in partnership with a preschool in their environment. This may involve one to one intervention, building on existing Activities and Educator skills as well the modification of existing activities to promote inclusion.

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